Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A barrio writer intro

Ello, well I'm Valeria Alaniz and I am proud to say that I'm a Barrio Writer.

I guess ill start out with telling you about myself for my first blog. YAY ME!!!!!!

Hmm I guess I'm a nerd and i dont really mind it. I love comic books and I can't live with out video games. I can't be with out a story to help me escape my reality that is life. Ahh, my mother just recently left my dad and moved to Colorado. My father has two jobs but sadly I can't say i have any respect for the man. Its ok some people have it worse than I do. On a happy note my sisters boyfriend just got here. He will be living with us, he's pretty cool in my book. Just as long as my sister is happy and safe.

The way I write (scratching my head), well my writing is pretty dark most of the time, kind of funny because I'm a really happy girl when you meet me in person, so you would never know (shifting my eyes) haha, any who i guess I'll just show you a clip of the poem I'll turn in this Saturday.

"With my final breaths left of my life.

All the thoughts that run through my mind,
some bad some good.

Why did this happen to me is it that no one loves me?
That all hate me and thats why he raped me?

I can't move can't see, wow this is really the it for me.
I smell the blood and feel the pain its all the same.
The same pain and smell but only this time I can tell, I wont live."

Hope you liked it so far, but im not done yet! This is it for my first blog, I guess. ^_^