Monday, August 17, 2009

Germayn grew up in the streets of Santa Ana, the city in which he was born under an autumn moon on October 27, 1989.

He was, virtually, raised by families other than his own with loneliness and art as his brother and sister. With no mother or father figure to guide him, Germayn would innocently help other human beings through emotional crisis and/or general labor in the hopes of sharing emotional happiness; Germayn would help people both physically and mentally. These experiences transformed Germayn into a genius of a psychologist and philosopher of life. Since then Germayn began to express humanity through various forms of art using his genius traits.

By the time Germayn reached 3rd grade he was recognized for his work and sent to art school. At that school, Germayn did not produce one single piece of art work because the world of art Germayn was brought up in was not the same as the world he currently found himself in. In this world, art was not self expression; it was a profession because you were told how to do art and master it. Art is the expression of human emotion through crafted display or simply creativeness, not labels or privileges given to chosen individuals. Germayn dropped out and went back to the 4th grade.

Since then Germayn continued to express and play with art. To this date Germayn is a musician, composer, song writer, film writer, actor, poet, artist in the sense of drawing, painting, spray-painting, and sculpting. Germayn is a martial artist practitioner of a black belt caliber, a philosopher, and psychologist. Germayn is an artist.

Germayn is currently in a successful band called “Bipolar Disorder” and gives self-defense and guitar lessons. In the future Germayn hopes to continue to be involved in music, martial arts, philosophy, and psychology. Germayn also plans to be a naturalist doctor so he studies anatomy and botany on his free time. Germayn loves to eat food with Dr. Pepper. He is the Germayn.

by Germayn

Forget your fortune, forget your sorrow
Forget today, forget tomorrow
Forget your name and who you are
What you did, forget it now
Release your love, release your hate
Release your worries, end your fate
Release your stress upon your chest
And give rest to all the tests
Express your feelings with extremity
Relieve your soul with nature’s remedy
Unleash your mind, let loose your dignity
Ignore ignorance and positive negativity
Forget your fortune, forget your sorrow
Forget yesterday, the time you borrowed
Forget your name and who you are
Forget it all, forget it now…