Monday, August 2, 2010

News Update: Barrior Writers Guest Writers & Fundraiser Featuring OLLIN!

We are in our last month of
2010 Barrio Writers Summer Program!

Join us at all our upcoming events!

We still have three more guest writers visiting us:

August 4th -

Richard T. Rodriguez,
Santa Ana native and author of Next of Kin
Santa Ana Public Library 4-6pm (regular workshop starts at 3pm)

August 7th -

Sandra C. Lopez,
CSUF Graduate and author of Beyond the Gardens
El Centor Cultural de Mexico 1-3pm (regular workshop starts at 12pm)

August 11th -

David Bueno-Hill,
author of I Wasn't Born a Teacher
Santa Ana Public Library 4-6pm (regular workshop starts at 3pm)

August 22nd -

Barrio Writers & SolArt Radio Present: Ollin!!

*$10 donation request - Fundraiser to benefit Barrio Writers & Barrio Actors Guild (dinner not included)

"We need your support to keep on empowering our youth through creative programs that provide pipelines to higher education & cultural arts!"

Join us from 5-10pm at Zócalo (301 N. Tustin Avenue, Santa Ana, CA) for dinner, local music Trio Barrio Writer Joana (accordian), David & Barrio Writer Germayn, DJ Michelle Reyes & our special feature band OLLIN!

"Ollin began with the inspiration of traditional Mexican music. From there, the brothers expanded their musical curiosity and brought other types of folk music into the mix. Irish melodies, Klezmer riffs, German beer polkas, and African syncopations all were introduced and have become a part of the eclectic Ollin sound. Live performances are theatrical, energetic, and with the mixture of many different styles, still well balanced. Their recordings are solid three dimensional stories with lyrical prose that puts you knee deep in their musical barrio."

For more info or to listen to their music, please visit: