Monday, January 10, 2011

Guest Submission by Matt!

Born in one of the harshest places in the nation, he’s still comes out on top and that’s what he's planning to do in the hip-hop business. His name is Matthew Antwain Turner but for professional reasons call him Matt.

He was brought into this world on November 10, 1994 and originally from Memphis, Tennessee. Rapping is a way for him to express how he feels about cruel things in this world. Expressing yourself is something he feels every artist should try and do. That's what he intends to do while educating people about the crisis that's happening in the streets. As far as writing, he plans to become an author. His goal is to bring joy and happiness to the global community. He treats all his writing as a way to connect to every individual. It’s his little own social network!

Currently, Matt is a sophomore in high school and a member of the Thurmond Heights Community.


Compassion in my outer shell, anger in my heart.
No matter how hard I try, things always fall apart.

Darkness taking its toll, it’s sneaking up on me.
Is reality fantasy or fantasy reality?

I speak from my soul, there’s no holding back.
Have you ever understood the true meaning of a heart attack?

Demons within are starting to get strong.
There power overwhelms me even as I preach this song.

My whole life I’ve tried to become a savior.
But I always get the opposite later.

Maybe I should pray and talk to the Greater.
Maybe he could contradict my behavior.

The true enemy in life is the weak mind.
Blaming others for their faults but in reality they’re blind.

Father I’m sorry for your explicit loss.
If this is how the world is then crucify me on the cross.

Emotionally drained from my emotional labor.
Soon to go extinct, like the legendary saber.

Talk your talk everyday and say you getting played.
I tried to help you and help you become saved.

Why be alive if I can be in peace in a grave.
And maybe I’d be buried next to where my sister is laid.

Perhaps life is no more than a game of charades.
All of us being dictated by this demonic crusade.