Tuesday, February 28, 2012

2012! New Year for Barrio Writers

Barrio Writers is on its way to another successful year!

     It is almost that time again and this year, Barrio Writers has come a long way, from being in a hallway filled with young inspiring teens, to now expanding its way to Austin, Texas. Austin Barrio Writers, will be in their second year and Orange County Barrio Writers in their fourth year.

  If you didn't get a chance to purchase the First Edition of Barrio Writers, you will be able to buy one since the First Edition, recently got reprinted along with the Second and Third Edition that will get published soon.

Be on the lookout for any further dates of release and chance to get your book signed by some of the Barrio Writers in some locations.

Recently, in some news:

El Centro Cultural De Mexico finally found a home, however they are still raising funds to purchase a permanent building.

El Centro, had a Re-Grand opening event to showcase different classes and organization groups such as, OrangeCounty Dream Team, Coyolxuaqui Circle for young women, Son Jarocho, etc. The night was filled with live performances and inviting people of Santa Ana to be part of El movimento.

OC Dream Team, Open Mic  at Calacas.

OC Dream Team held an Open Mic at Calacas in benefit to support the Dreamers.

El Centro Cultural de Mexico hosted Anti-Mall:Gente B4 Profit Market Place the week before Valentines Day in Feburary.