Sunday, June 24, 2012

Barrio Writers on Univision 34 !

Barrio Writers founder Sarah Rafael Garcia and Barrio Writer youth Marilynn Montano were interviewed by news anchor, Leon Krauze on Univision 34 KMEX in May.

Here is the video segment:

On the set of Univision 34, Barrio Writer Youth Marilynn Montano got a chance to read her poetry piece 'La Que La Que Soy!?' after the video segment.

On the set of Univision 34 (Left to Right) Marilynn Montano, Sarah Rafael Garcia, and Leon Krauze.
Univison 34 news anchor Leon Krauze listening to Barrio Writer Youth, Marilynn Montano poetry. 

-Gracias, David Lopez for Driving us to Univision 34!