Friday, February 8, 2013

Barrio Writers: College Tips By Marilynn Montano

"Now that first semester is over…wait theres' still much more absorb!"

By Marilynn Montano 

My first semester at Santa Ana College brought many great adventures from sleeping late hours and carving out the right words to perfect within my essays. I am very lucky to be placed as a Puente student for my first college semester, especially since I am first generation in my family to go to college. The Puente program at Santa Ana College aims to help gear students to prepare them into the college life and its both english fused with counseling. I learned a lot especially since high school and college are completely different so here are my college tips:

Buy a weekly or day to day agenda! This really comes in handy since you will learn that lose leaf papers always get lost or mixed up with previous day assignments. You will be organized and on top of your assignments it helps you create self discipline into how to manage your time, especially if you work. 

Your classroom syllabus is really important so don't fold it and put it off , buy a three ring binder to keep it neat and accessible at all times. (There are important test, homework, and vacation dates!)

Eating the right meals at the right time make a difference in your day, and its okay to reward yourself when    you get an A from your assignments! 

Prioritizing  your time is necessary! Track the bus routes ahead of time to arrive on time because being 20 minutes early makes a big difference, better yet if you have to print arrive an hour early since the library is always full. 

Email your instructors for any necessary clarification on assignments and always check your inbox for there might be an email notification that your class canceled or there is a change of plans for your class. 

Make sure to meet with your college counselor at least every month to make plans on your educational college plan. Ask questions concerning your career and classes. Make sure you are taking the right courses to transfer. You want to make sure you are taking the right classes and now that you have many resources available for you to use. 

Communication is key, remember they are there to help you in your educational success! So ask away!

If the homework assignment is moved to next week that doesn't mean put it off to the night before! Just do it! 

To be a better writer, always be open and welcoming to receiving critique from your peers and instructor. Push yourself and never be satisfied on the first and second draft! 

Take notes in lectures! Don't be satisfied by hearingg it all, be more involved in your studies! 

Get at least between four to five contacts from your class, trust me you will be grateful that you did, just in case you missed class that day. 

Get up to date on scholarship opportunities! Write.Edit. Submit. 

Be on the look out for free program opportunities within your career interest. 
    (Take on an internship! This looks good on your college resume.)

Do extra credit, remember these points come in handy towards midterms and finals!

Form a study buddy or group to better your motivation and it creates a positive take on you and your peers. 

Learn to separate your study time from Facebook time!
 (Notification statuses will always be there so unplug yourself form social media during assignment time!) 

Remember to breathe and relax every time you may find yourself under stress, you got lots to learn and it is all possible! 

Happy Holidays from Barrio Writers to you !