Wednesday, April 10, 2013

2013 BW Workshops & Events!

Drawing by BW Stephanie Sandoval
Save the dates!

Free! Gratis!

*Join us for a book signing & live reading by Barrio Writers from 2009, 2010, 2011 & 2012**
The students featured in the books have attended various surrounding schools in Orange County, CA & Austin, TX. Please join us in supporting our youth and showing the world that regardless of the obstacles and stereotypes placed on our teens, they find a way to have a voice and teach us all life lessons!

*All are welcome to picnic on this day filled with participatory art-making experiences for all ages and performances by profession artists, local arts organizations, schools, and groups. (Look for BW booth! )

BW Workshops @ UT Austin : June 24-29, 2013

BW Workshops @ CSUF: Aug. 12-17, 2013

*Seats are limited, details to be announced.

OC Children's Book Festival: September 29, 2103

*Fun-filled event that celebrates the joy of reading! Spend the entire day meeting more than 150 Children & young adult book authors, illustrators and proffessional storytellers. Live family entertainment & great food!
Free Admission & Parking! (Look out  for BW booth! )

See you there!