Thursday, February 6, 2014

Kore Sierra Joining Our Barrio Writers Coordinating Team!

Check out Kore Sierra from Barrio Writers 1st Edition and whose joining our Barrio Writers Coordinating Team! We are proud of all of our Barrio Writers who make a difference in the community everyday. It takes a lot of responsibility to keep grounded to one's goal and that's the beauty of life: La Lucha Sigue and Alive!

A few weeks ago I was asked to write a blog. In my own mind I thought, “yeah I can do it easily in one week”. It has been two weeks in a half and still I had not written anything (I guess my muse decided to go on vacation or after six months or so have passed I may have gotten rusty). Even after four years of writing you would think that I would have gotten better but I guess not. After so much time has passed …yup…I’m rusty.

Before, I continue let me introduce myself my name is Kore Sierra. I became a member of Barrio Writers in 2009. I was a high school graduate who had accepted to go to UC Riverside for my undergraduate. Now, four years later I return as a UC Riverside Graduate with a B.A in English. I was part of two organizations Mujeres Unidas for three years and the American Red Cross for one year. Being more involved in Mujeres Unidas, I became the telecommunications chair my last year. Though I’ve had many triumphs and fails in college I enjoyed every minute.

More than six months have passed since I graduated; I am currently working on the process that every student dreads…paying back student loans. One would think paying back would be painful but looking at my balance going down feels good yet at the same time, years down the road, I may not think the same.
I continue to write with humor. 

For those who know me well know that I will try to write messages with humor. I like to cheer people up. Since I first joined Barrio Writers, the story I submitted was a sad memory but a story that I wanted others to read. Now I write about my surroundings mostly funny things that I happen to see. Why not write about funny situations they are always fun to write especially when you are simply sitting down or even waiting for the bus. Through everything I have done these past four years, I am happy to be back in Santa Ana and I am super excited about seeing everyone in the summer!