Friday, March 11, 2016

Featured Barrio Writer: Armani Scott

“I’m going to live life unapologetically, because I’m proud of who I am, and I’m not going to apologize for who I am anymore.”—Ingrid Nilsen
Name is Armani. I’m currently 17 years of age. Born in Atlanta but raised in Nacogdoches, Texas so I consider myself an eccentric southern belle. I dance, write poetry, do yoga, read, and cook for fun. Poetry is my passion though, because it’s where I feel most free. To me, the most important thing I think my audience should know is that I’m a young African American feminist. Just being that, I have a million stereotypes against me but I continue to rise from the ashes in rebirth.

Armani will be a BW writing assistant Summer 2016 at SFASU in Nacogdoches, Texas. This summer will be her second year with Barrio Writers and she will be leading a workshop.

A Day In My Life

September 30th

Hi guys! I'm Armani. 16 & 10 months. Junior in high school.
        Fall semester has been boring. Other than starting back up the writing club at my high school. Most of the people that have turned up are really cool & write some really awesome stuff. We're starting our very first workshop tomorrow. It's been 4 weeks so I'm pretty sure we're all comfortable enough to start giving each other feedback. I really can't wait till our school starts mega lunch so we can start meeting more than just once a week.
        Aside from that, I was recently published in Zaira's journal & Yellow Chair Review's Horror issue. Since I submitted to those two I haven't really been submitting to anything because I lost my USB *tear emoji* but I'll be purchasing another pretty soon & I'll be back in shape. I'm thinking about starting my own blog & updating daily (or just often) & I have officially decided on a Pen Name so *smiley w/ halo emoji* I'm just not sure when I want to do that. Hopefully soon though because I have been writing ALOT & I need an outlet.
        I think adults forget what it's like being in high school & my peers don't realize that they're not the only people with problems & I think if these things were brought to peoples attention we could all help each other out. That would probably be the goal of my blog. I'd start with talking about my own crap & then move on to giving advice to anyone who reads...
        Switching topics.
        Random but one of my cats paws got stuck in a bike chain & since we live in the country a vet is really far away & I had it all wrapped so it could heal but he took it off & so now his toe kind of hangs & you can see the bone. It's gross. He has an appointment for Saturday though. I keep referring to him as "he" because he doesn't have a name. I have too many to name them all. (5 is alot, ok?) I blame him getting hurt on him being a boy & really playful & curious but cautiously curious (Get it? because curiosity killed the cat? *laughing emoji*)
        I wasn't sure how much I was going to write for this blog but I think this pretty much sums up my semester. Crash course in my life. But, until next time.

Babay! (bye in haitian creole lol)
—Armani Scott